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Be Quiet In Spanish

Be Quiet - English To Spanish Translation - SpanishDict


Be Quiet · 1. (imperative; Used To Address One Person). A. Guarda Silencio (informal) (singular). Be Quiet! The Principal S Coming.¡Guarda Silencio! Viene El …


More Spanish Words For Be Quiet. Callarse Verb. Shut Up, Keep Quiet, Hush, Pipe Down, Keep Mum · Estáte Quieto · Be Quiet · Estar Quieto · Be Quiet.


Be Quiet Interjinterjection: Exclamation–for Example, Oh No! Wow! (stop Talking Or Making A Noise) (AR), Callate Interj …


5. Guarden Silencio – Be Quiet / Shut Up · Be Quiet · Keep Quiet · Shut Up · Keep Silent · Remain Silent.


Wiktionary · With Little Sound. Quiet → Quieto; Silencioso; Tranquilo; Calmo; Pacífico; Silente; · Having Little Motion. Quiet → Tranquilo; Detenido; Quieto; …


Quiet · 1. (= Not Loud). [engine] Silencioso. [music] Tranquilo ⧫ Suave. [tone] Bajo ⧫ Quedo (liter) · 2. (= Silent). A. [person] Callado · 3. (= Peaceful, Not …


Please, Lady, Be Quiet! ¡Por Favor, Señora, Cállese!


Translations In Context Of be Quiet in English-Spanish From Reverso Context: Just Be Quiet, Please Be Quiet, Be Very Quiet, I Ll Be Quiet.


Many Translated Example Sentences Containing be Quiet – Spanish-English Dictionary And Search Engine For Spanish Translations.

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