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Join In Spanish

Join - English To Spanish Translation - SpanishDict


1. (to Connect). Juntar. A. · 2. (to Take Part In). A. Unirse A (a Discussion Or Demonstration) · 3. (to Become A Member Of). A. Unirse A (a Club Or Society) · 4 …


Reunirse⇒ V Prnlverbo Pronominal: Verbo Que Se Conjuga Con Un Pronombre Átono ( Me , te , se ) Que Concuerda Con El Sujeto ( Lavarse , irse , enojarse ).


Join (sb./sth.) Verb (joined, Joined)— · Unirse A Algo/algn. V · Entrar En Algo V · Unir V · Juntar V · Hacerse Socio De Algo V · Acompañar Algo/a Algn. V · Reunirse V.


Unirse Verb. Unite, Come Together, Join Together, Merge, Band Together. La Unión Noun. Union, Junction, Joint, Marriage, Joining.


Join Verb. Unfavorite Favorite Play Sound. Joined, Has Joined, Is Joining, Joins. Unir, Juntar; …


Join · 1. (= Connect). [ends, Pieces, Parts] Unirse ⧫ Juntarse · 2. (= Merge). [roads] Empalmar ⧫ Juntarse · 3. To Join Together (to Do Sth) (= Meet) [people] …


Translations In Context Of join in English-Spanish From Reverso Context: To Join, Join Us, Join In, Join Forces, I Ll Join.


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