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Kiexo Metatrader

Kiexo Mt4 Is A Trading Platform That Offers A Number Of Benefits For Both Beginners And Experienced Traders. Find Out About The Latest Release And Download Today.

Automate Your Trading With Kiexo Mt4

Kiexo Metatrader 4 For All Platforms

Download Kiexo Metatrader 4

Kiexo Metatrader 4 For Android

Kiexo Metatrader 4 For iOS

Kiexo Metatrader 4 For Windows

Kiexo Metatrader 4 For Mac

Kiexo Metatrader 5

Kiexo Metatrader 5 For All Platforms

Download Kiexo Metatrader 5

Kiexo Metatrader 5 For Android

Kiexo Metatrader 5 For iOS

Kiexo Metatrader 5 For Windows

Kiexo Metatrader 5 For Mac

How do you use MT4 ?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to access and use MT4.

Create an account

To use Kiexo MT4 offering, you’ll first need to create a live  account. Once you’ve done that, you can set up a live MT4 account from the My  dashboard. There’s more instructions on how to do this on our download MT4 page.

Download MT4

After creating an account, you can download MT4 to your chosen device. Once you have downloaded MT4, you can log in with your  credentials.

Open a position

using the order window When you’re ready to place a trade, go to ‘tools’ and click ‘new order’. This will bring up the ‘order’ window. Alternatively, you can press F9 on your keyboard.


Once you’ve done that, you’ll be presented with the order window.

While the order window can seem daunting at first, here’s a quick guide to all the components:

Symbol – this drop-down menu allows you to select which market you would like to trade

Volume – for a CFD account this is the number of contracts you would like to trade

Stop loss – if you want to use a stop to close the trade if it moves against you, enter your desired level here. Stops on MT4 are equivalent to basic stops on the IG platform

Take profit – if you want to use a limit to lock in profits, enter your desired level here

Comment – a small space to leave a comment about a particular trade; or for more advanced trade-management purposes

Type – choose ‘instant execution’ if you want to place your trade the moment you select either ‘buy’ or ‘sell’. Alternatively, select ‘pending order’ if you want to choose the level at which your trade opens

Depending on what type of trade you are placing, you’ll then be faced with the following options:

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