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Definition Of Time Frame - Merriam-Webster


Time Frame Definition Is – A Period Of Time Especially With Respect To Some Action Or Project. How To Use Time Frame In A Sentence. Time Frame Or Timeframe?


A Period Of Time During Which Something Has Taken Or Will Take Place: We Re Talking About A Time Frame Of Five Minutes For The President S Visit.


Timeframe Definition: The Period Of Time Within Which Certain Events Are Scheduled To Occur | Meaning, Pronunciation, Translations And Examples.


N. A Period During Which Something Takes Place Or Is Projected To Occur. American Heritage® Dictionary Of The English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 …


A Period Of Days, Weeks, Months, Etc. Within Which An Activity Is Intended To Happen: Have You Set A Time Frame For Completing The Job?


Alternative Spelling Of Time Frame. Noun. 0. 0. Advertisement. Timeframe Sentence Examples. Some Games Give You A Specific Timeframe To Serve Food To …


The Definition Of Time Frame Is A Period Of Seconds, Minutes, Days, Hours, Weeks, Months, Etc. · A Given Interval Of Time, Esp. · A Period During Which Something …


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Time Frame Add To List Share. Definitions Of Time Frame. Noun. A Time Period During Which Something Occurs Or Is Expected To Occur.


A Specified Period Of Time In Which Something Occurs Or Is Planned To Take Place. the Work Had To Be Done In A Time Frame Of Fourteen Working Days .

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